I've had 15 difference health insurance all my life but I never had this one BlueCross BlueShield, costumer service; the worse, nobody can bit them, sad because it is a old well know Company, but SADLY have zero in Costumer Service.

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If any of these commentors actually worked in member services they would know this is not the case, but thats cool I guess.


Here is a example of BCBS policy. This is a example of internal memos to staff. To All Reps:

Starting Monday, November 29th, we will be changing our Phone Greeting to include an apology for the Hold Time. Such as

"Thanking you for calling Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, I apologize for your Hold Time, my name is ______________how may I help you today?"

Please remember to use the apology in your greeting only on Mondays.


Caroline Jarman

Operations Expert - Multi

Member Services Customer Service

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield


It is not the customer service reps fault usually! It is the company itself and their policies!

My wife has several internal emails and memoes from management, where they have been instructed to transfer calls into space so that actual help time is improved yet they screw 80% of their customers. They are instructed to do this knowing the customer will hang up. Also they have policies in which they can not tell the customer unless asked what actual policy may be on a policy such as paying a premium and the grace period.

Their own words were it cost them money and they want the customers payment so unless asked specificlly do NOT volunteer the grace period timeline to customers. BCBS is a disgrace and crooked!!!!!


My wife works for this company in customer service she has only been there 3 months but is quitting due to dishonesty to their own customers. You have a 30 day grace period to pay your policy or premiums before they will drop your insurance.

The customer service people are told NOT to explain this because it would cost them money and they are intentionally haveeing to place people on hold in order to speak to others because she is not allowed to answer any questions.then while on transfer you are left hanging in space in order to reduce the number of assisted calls. This is policy per a internal memo!My wife has to work but she actually comes home in tears because of the NON service and lies and misleading info they are told to tell customers.


Yep. Trying to cancel because I'm getting benfits back at work.

Seems I either have to cancel a month before I get other insurance or two months after. Two hours on the phone trying to talk to a human being to resolve the issue.

No luck. Worst customer service I;ve ever seen anwherer.

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